our story

MRMF began in 2013 in a beautiful backyard in Gisborne, Victoria, as a jam session with local friends. Gisborne folk would come along, enjoy some music, and throw money in a jar to raise money for the Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF). Music was played all day and night on a home-made stage (of questionable safety) and kids would run around in endless euphoria.

Many things have changed since the backyard days; MRMF had to move location twice to fit more people in, a real stage was needed, and a sound crew who knew what they’re doing was also required.

However, 100% of profits are still donated to the Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF). CKF does incredible work in a small rural community in Cambodia through a number of projects. The Foundation has built an amazing school from which they provide education, health services, employment opportunities and general support for kids and their families. The purpose of CKF is to empower the Cambodian people and help them escape the devastating poverty cycle and we 100% believe in them.

MRMF has always been and will always be about friends, family, community, music, dancing, laughing and singing. And most importantly, we’re doing it all for a cause that truly deserves it.

MRMF is a different kind of festival.


A festival making a difference.

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MRMF 2014